These 4 sectors can give bumper profits in a year, this is the opinion of market veterans

₹15 share increased to ₹533! Multibagger returns given with a jump of 3,455%, have you bought?


new Delhi. If you are also looking for multibagger stock, then today we are telling you about a tremendous stock. This stock has given bumper returns to its shareholders in no time. The name of this special stock is – GRM Overseas stock. Shares of GRM Overseas have gained 3,455% in the last three years.

At the same time, in the last one year, this multibagger stock has given a return of more than 1,030 percent.

Share price reached Rs 15,533
The small cap stock which closed at Rs 14.99 on 21 February 2019 reached a high of Rs 532.95 on BSE on 22 February. If an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in the shares of GRM Overseas three years ago, his Rs 1 lakh would have become Rs 35.55 lakh today. The Sensex has gained 58.34 per cent during this period.

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However, the stock opened with a decline of 4.99% yesterday at Rs 532.95. Since then the stock remained stuck in the lower circuit of 5% throughout the session. The stock has lost 18% in the last 4 days. GRM Overseas shares are trading higher than 100 day and 200 day moving average but lower than 5 day, 20 day and 50 day moving average.

grew 837.26% in 1 year
The stock has gained 837.26% in one year but has fallen by 16.53% since the beginning of this year. The stock has lost 38.39 percent in a month and 17.94 percent in a week. The stock hit a 52-week high of Rs 935.42 on January 20, 2022 and a 52-week low of Rs 53.35 on February 22, 2021.

A total of 7,367 shares of the firm have traded at Rs 39.26 lakh on the BSE. The firm’s market cap on the BSE was Rs 3,197 crore. For the quarter ended December 2021, three promoters held 72 per cent stake in the firm and 12,793 public shareholders held 28 per cent.

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