16-year-old Ishir Wadhwa made school project a business, now the family will earn big in this way!

16-year-old Ishir Wadhwa made school project a business, now the family will earn big in this way!


new Delhi: United Arab Emirates (UAE) An Indian teenager living in Dubai has turned a project he made in his school into a family business. This 16-year-old Indian kid has invented such a technology, through which you can hang the heaviest items without making a hole in the wall. The name of this teenager is Ishir Wadhwa, who is a student of GEMS World Academy. A media report said that Kishor’s father was also surprised to see this technology. According to a report in Khaleej Time, Ishir Wadhwa had to submit an innovative project, which was for grade 10 course. Seeing the damage caused by the use of nails to hang things in everyday life, he found a solution. Nails and screws have been used since time immemorial and they also damage the walls.

This discovery was done with the help of brother
Ishir enlisted the help of Avik, an older brother in engineering in America, and found a solution, Ishir explains that when we put our minds together, the solutions, all the big ideas, were pretty simple in an elegant way.

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Ishir Wadhwa and his family (Photo Source: Tech for FTCp)

Innovation done with this idea
The idea of ​​both of them was to keep a magnet and two steel plates together. A strip of steel is glued to the wall, which was named alpha tape. The neodymium magnet holds it together in which the object is mounted. Two magnets come together to give the sound of a clap, so the family named it Claptite.

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This innovation will become a game changer
According to the Khaleej Times report, Ishir’s father left the high-paying job considering the invention to be a game changer in life. Ishir’s father Sumesh Wadhwa has decided to leave his job and adopt the product made by his son as a business. No one would have thought that the school project of this sixteen-year-old teenager would turn out to be an effective product like this and the family would take it up as a business.

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