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How to lock the SIM card

How to lock the SIM card: In view of the increasing case of hacking, users have now become very alert about the save data in their smartphones. For the security of the phone, options such as biometric lock, PIN, or passcode are available. However, keeping the phone locked does not guarantee the security of the SIM. Recently, the importance of SIM security has increased significantly after the hacking cases related to SIM swapping.

In addition to the phone number of contacts in the SIM, billing information is also present. Not only this, the OTP for bank transactions also comes from the SIM itself. This is the reason that the safety of the SIM becomes very important. Today, we are telling you a special trick to not hack your Sim Card Cyber ​​Criminals.

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Here we will tell you how to lock your SIM using the SIM PIN, as well as to improve its security further. After the SIM PIN is activated, the SIM PIN is required to restart the phone or enter the SIM in another phone. This is very effective in terms of security.

Follow these steps to activate SIM PIN and How to lock the SIM card

  • Go to Settings and tap Security.
    Now go to Other Security Settings or More Security Settings.
  • Tap on set up sim card lock.
  • The default PIN number of the SIM is different for each operator. For example, Airtel’s SIM PIN is 1234. At the same time, Vodafone’s SIM PIN is 0000.
    Tap on Change Sim Card Pin to change the default SIM PIN.
  • Enter the existing PIN to verify and then enter any PIN of your choice and after confirming save the new SIM.
How to lock the SIM card
How to lock the SIM card


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