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Know who was included in Google top search list of May

Coronavirus has long dominated the Internet’s popularity chart. However, now this popularity chart is declining. It is estimated that people may not have the same fear about Corona as before. That is why people are now retrieving movies and weather information on the internet instead of searching for coronavirus. According to Google Search Trend, the search volume of Coronavirus declined in May as compared to April last month. This happened at a time when corona-related cases were on the rise across the country.

According to search trends, Coronavirus ranked 12th in Google’s search list in May, while information related to film, meaning, news, and weather gained more. These searching topics left Corona Search behind. That means people are going back to the pre-COVID-19 era again. However, the always trending cricket topic in India could not make a place in the top searching list even in the month of May. According to the trend, Corona was searched 5 times more than cricket in the month of May. You can also visit our new website and read the article also

Know who was included in Google's top search list of May
Know who was included in Google’s top search list of May

Lockdown 4.0 in May was the top trending in Google Search Trend. This was followed by Eid Mubarak. Also, people kept searching during this time which disease is associated with coronavirus? And can people with corona symptoms spread the coronavirus? Will the lockdown increase after May 17? The government of India had announced a nationwide lockdown on May 25, which was extended for the next few weeks. The third and fourth phases of the lockdown lasted from May 4 to May 17 and from May 18 to May 31.



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