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SEOfied blogger theme customization

If your website is hosted in Blogger. So obviously you do not have much money. And you are not able to purchase any theme. But if you want to download such an SEO friendly theme for your website. Which is simple in appearance, and also gives a premium look to your website. Then you can download this Seofied Theme. And can install on the website. In this video, we have shown you the customization of the Seofied Blogger theme.

SEOfied blogger theme customization note

ct-wrapper = change header color

.socal a = change social color
Social Profile Icons – change socials menu

.meenar = menu background color
.menu ul li = change menu color
Customize Navigation Menu Here = change menu

feature-img = change feature image

.half-homing .butner = change button style
.half-homing .butner, .index-post-tag, = change button background style

.footer-third i = change footer icons style
Tech Services = footer change footer icon

.post-title = change post title hight
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 = change color of heading



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