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What is CPU short definition | Computer general knowledge

We all know about computers. And we also know what we can do with a computer. But do you know with whose help the computer can do all this work? Just like our humans have brains. Similarly, there is a brain inside the computer which we call CPU. If you asking me for What is CPU short definition? Then I just tell you CPU is the brain of the computer.

What is CPU short definition in English | Computer general knowledge

The full name of the CPU is the Central Processing Unit. It is also called a processor or microprocessor. It controls various devices connected to the PC. It analyzes the information received by the computer. It is an electronic microchip that processes data by transforming it into information. This is called the brain of the computer. It controls all the functions of the computer system and it converts the input into an output. It consists of an input and output unit to form a complete computer system.

What is cpu in short defination

Part of CPU

If we tell about the part of the CPU, then actually there are three parts inside it. And each part has different work.

Arithmetic Logic Unit: –

It is used in arithmetic and logical calculations. Under arithmetic computation, comparative computation like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, etc. and logical computation include comparative computation like (<,> or =), yes or no, etc.

Control Unit: –

It controls all the functions of the computer and coordinates between all the activities of all parts of the computer like input, output devices, processors, etc.

Memory Unit: –

It is used to store data and instructions. It is mainly divided into two classes primary and secondary memory. When the computer is functioning, that is, the data currently being used and the collection of instructions are in primary memory. Secondary memory is used to store data and instructions to be used later.



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