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What is Domain name? The best guide for Beginners about domain name

If you want to create a website on the Internet, firstly a domain is needed, which is also called the address and URL of the website. Do you know what is Domain? And how does it work? If not, this post is for you.

Hello friends my name is Tanmay Roy. And I will tell you the answer to all these questions. And how can you also create your website from a domain? And how to make money with domain (how to make money with a domain), we have written complete information in this blog.

What is Domain name?

If you want to know what is domain name, then the answer is, A domain name is a unique web address. By which the website is identified. Such as,, etc.

Friends is the domain name of our website. By using it you can visit our website. In the beginning, all websites were based on IP address. Examples of IP addresses eg (

By remembering the IP address of the website, it becomes very difficult to log in to the website. Therefore, the domain name has been created so that the users can easily remember the address of any website.

Friends, communication in the middle of the website is through an IP address. But the user does not remember the IP address and the domain name is easily remembered.

History of domain name

Domain was invented by Paul Mockapetris in the year 1983, Paul invented the domain by creating DNS (Domain Name System). Just 25 years ago, in the year 1985, the first domain in the world was registered named

How to domain name work?

To know about the working of the Domain Name, you have to understand what happens after entering a domain in the browser.

Whenever you enter a domain name in your browser, first your request goes to the Domain Name System. It is a global network of servers that find name servers connected to your domain and forward the request.

If you have ever built a website, then you probably know that Name Servers are something like this.

If your website is hosted on, the name servers would be something like this:

Name Servers Your hosting company manages, and forwards the request to the webserver where that website is stored. After that, the files of that website reach your browser, and you can access the website.

Types of domain name

Now when we know that the domain name kya hai! Now know about its category! By the way, you can divide the domain into many categories! But today we will tell you about important types! With the help of which you can buy domain for yourself.

  • TLD – Top Level Domains
  • CCTLD – Country Code Top Level Domains
  • Sub Domain

TLD – Top Level Domains

We also know TLD as an Internet domain extension! We know that there are three parts to the domain name! Let’s say our domain is! The first part of a. (Dot) in it! And another part after the dot. The later part of the dot was first developed! TLD is the domain of the highest level! The google search engine also gives it more importance! By using it our website ranking is good! Such as,, etc.

Examples of TLD Domain

.com (Highest rank domain)
.edu (education related)
.net (Network related)
.gov (Governmental related)
.biz (Business related)
.org (Organization related)
.info (Information related)

CCTLD – Country Code Top Level Domains

If you are making your website by targeting which particular country! So your audience belongs to that country! So this will be a very good domain for you, you can buy it only! In this kind of domain! That country uses 2 correctors of ISO country code as an extension! Such as,, and, etc.

Examples of CCTLD Domain

.in (India)
.us (United States)
.rs (Russia)
.cn (China)

Subdomain | What is subdomain ?

If you have a domain name, you can create a subdomain by using it for free! For which you will not have to pay any separate charge! A small part of a domain in the retention language! Such as or, these two are my subdomains! If you have bought a domain, then you can also create a subdomain.

Top-level domain extension

The 10 largest DOMAINS EXTENSIONS unite 150 million registrations:

1) – .COM: 82.01 million
2) – .DE (Germany): 13.05 million
3) – .CN (China): 12.55 million
4) – .NET: 12.42 million
5) – .UK (United Kingdom): 7.83 million
6) – .ORG: 7.79 million
7) – .INFO: 5.24 million
8) – .NL (Netherlands): 3.5 million
9) – .EU (European Union): 2.98 million
10) – .RU (Russia): 2.31 million

Which DOMAIN extensions are the best?

According to me .COM has always been a champion. The .COM number is a number one DOMAIN extension, so it is commonly used.

If you want the name .COM DOMAIN to be REGISTERED, you can bet it is REGISTERED or very expensive.

Why .COM is the number one choice for domain extensions. But if you can’t find a good alternative to .COM completely, the next best options are .ORG or .NET.

I believe that.ORG is used for non-profit foundations, so if it doesn’t work, then you go to .NET or .ooo or .xyz. You can also consider .IO domains, which are becoming increasingly popular for APP DEVELOPMENT.

Technically, .in it is a COUNTRY CODE DOMAIN for the British Indian Ocean region, but GOOGLE treats it as a GENERIC because it has been used primarily as a generic domain.

Where to buy domains name

If you want to buy your own domain name. So it is not difficult. And not even expensive. You will be surprised but the domain name is only available at rs.99 / year for .xyz domain and .in domain 149, .com domain 499. But there is one thing. You can avail of this service from one account for one year. Can lift. From next year, you will have to pay the regular price.

But whenever you go to buy domain name. Then buy from a trustworthy site. Because, there is such a very spamy website on the internet. Those who take money from us. But we do not give us anything in return. This is some site below. Which you can trust with your eyes closed. Which has been in this bussiness for many years. Moreover, it gives 24/7 support to its custmer.

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If you ever think of buying domain names. So I will suggest to you. That you buy domains from GoDaddy. Godaddy is the most reliable and good site, you can trust them. I have also bought from here.

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