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Ranchi: In this village, fighters are raised chickens, cost up to 80 thousand, feed cashew-almonds

Ranchi fighter cocks: People of Dublia village of Chandwe panchayat of Kanke block of Ranchi city raise fighters. Along with farming, income from cock fighting is also a big source of their income. A cock of Hajra breed is a matter of discussion in the village these days, which costs 80 thousand rupees. The chickens are fed with pistachios, cashews, kisses, almonds and expensive dry fruit as well as passes.

Ranchi Usually, people who are fond of Nanvej get water on hearing the name of chicken. There is also a village in Kanke block of Ranchi where chickens are reared to fight. Here the cows are made for the sake of the chicken in such a way that even the common man is shy. The identity and specialty of the village is as a village for raising chicken in the surrounding areas. Chickens are raised in every house in Dublia village of Chandve panchayat of Kanke block. In the entire village these days, a cock of Hajra breed is a matter of discussion, which costs 80 thousand rupees. The hen is about 3 kilos, weighing about a year. The other Bahubali hen also hesitates in the presence of this Ranbankure, who has won the field six times and has ended the life of the rival hen.

Murga Palak Bahadur Oraon says that special care is taken to raise these chickens of Hajra, Bijla and Chinese race. Their catering also has to be taken care of as they are fed with pistachios, cashews, varieties, almonds and expensive dry fruits as well which is not possible even for the common man. After such strong food, these chickens become so sacrificial that even in front of them the opposing hens think a hundred times before the dogs and cats of the village come.

The village of the fighting hens and its market is as beneficial as it is harmful because thousands of rupees are spent on a hen from raising chickens to putting them in the field. With every win, the cost of the hens rises to the sky and bets of millions on them. If the stakes in the field are turned upside down, then in one stroke, you also have to face the loss of millions. There is a tremendous craze among the villagers and youth of Dublia village to raise and fight the fighters. If young Rajan Oraon is to be believed, along with farming, income through cock fighting is also a big source of his earnings. Local villagers see this by connecting it with their tribal tradition.




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