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Trollers asked – what kind of language of CM, opposition raised questions, said – people of UP know how to answer such threats | Yogi had written – the youth of the state should not be misled by anyone, whoever wants to get the property confiscated, should do wrong things; Users said – Maharaj is threatening unemployed youth

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The politics of Uttar Pradesh has become hot on CM Yogi's tweet.  (File photo) - Dainik Bhaskar

The politics of Uttar Pradesh has become hot on CM Yogi’s tweet. (file photo)

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has come under the target of social media users for one of his tweets. Yogi on Wednesday made three consecutive tweets after distributing appointment letters to the selected candidates for the Excise Department. He wrote, ‘I appeal to the youth of the state that they should not be misled by anyone. No one can do wrong today. Whoever wants to get his property confiscated, he should do wrong. Seeing this CM’s tweet became viral. Yogi came under target from political parties to common users. Users called it a threat to the youth. Said that Maharaj is threatening the youth seeking employment in the state.

CM Yogi Adityanath's tweet

CM Yogi Adityanath’s tweet

What is this language of CM?
On this tweet of CM, trollers are raising questions about the language of CM. It is being said that CM’s are threatening the unemployed. Youth Congress leader Srinivasan writes, “What are you saying Yogi ji..will confiscate the properties of youth and..? Forgot your time?”

Dilip Mandal writes that “It is alleged that 15000 jobs of OBCs and Dalits have been stolen. I also think how is this possible in your “honest” government? You put the category wise full ranking of every candidate on the website. Opponents. Shut your mouth.”

Chandreshekhar had joined the movement of candidates
On Wednesday, in Lucknow’s Eco Gordon, the candidates agitated on Wednesday, alleging irregularities in the OBC and AC quota in 69000 teacher recruitment. During this, Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar reached to support him. He also interacted with the candidates. Earlier on Tuesday, the candidates were lathi-fisted for demonstrating outside the CM’s office. Many were injured in it. After that Chandrashekhar had reached to know his condition. Only after the news of Chandrashekhar’s arrival in 69000 teacher recruitment, there were three tweets from the Twitter handle of the CM, about which Chandrashekhar also tweeted.

Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar's Tweet

Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar’s Tweet

Chandrashekhar said- Trying to suppress the voice

The movement will continue to protect the rights and rights given to the Dalits – Backward – Tribals from the Constitution. For this, if Chandra Shekhar’s property is confiscated, then no one cares. This is also true to protect the constitution written by Baba Saheb. By the way, you apply reservation for now. Aam Aadmi Party MP Sanjay Singh hit back on CM Yogi’s tweet. Wrote, the people of UP are not afraid of your threats. To enslave the dictators and to be afraid of their jackal threats will be the rites of the Sangh and the BJP, Adityanath ji. This is the holy and great land of Uttar Pradesh which gave birth to heroic revolutionaries like Chandrashekhar Azad and Mangal Pandey, the people here know how to respond to such threats. Wait.’

Tweet of Aam Aadmi Party MP Sanjay Singh

Tweet of Aam Aadmi Party MP Sanjay Singh

After this, former IAS SP Singh also targeted the CM by tweeting. He wrote, ‘If the students raise their voice, will they confiscate their property too? His education, his hard work and his talent is his total wealth, can you confiscate that too? I wish if ‘capability’ could also be seized, then perhaps some reform could have taken place in the government.’

Former bureaucrat Surya Pratap Singh's tweet

Former bureaucrat Surya Pratap Singh’s tweet

Excise inspectors were given appointment letters

CM Yogi had given appointment letters to the candidates who got selected for the post of Excise Inspectors by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission during a program at Lok Bhavan on Wednesday. On this occasion, the CM said that the appointment of Abkari Department was done with transparency, fairness and fairness. No one can point a finger at the recruitment process today. Where complaints were received, the government took immediate action. Today the contracts for recovery in jobs were closed. We have confiscated property worth about 1500 crores of people involved in immoral acts. We have got more recruitment done in 4 and a half years than what we did till 2017.

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