360-degree parking cameras in cars: How they work, benefits they offer and more - Times of India

360-degree parking cameras in cars: How they work, benefits they offer and more – Times of India


One feature that has recently started becoming a trend in the four-wheeler industry is the 360-degree camera setup. A couple of years back, the feature was reserved for only premium cars. However, recently we have seen several car manufacturers include this feature in almost every segment. In fact the top-end variant of the updated Maruti Suzuki Baleno gets the 360-degree camera setup. Apart from that, Hyundai i20 also offers this feature which basically belongs to almost similar category.
While most people understand that companies use these kinds of features to attract more customers. Well, that may be true, but a 360-degree camera system is also a very important safety feature as it allows users to stay aware of the surroundings and park safely. Also, some camera systems go beyond just parking and offer other benefits as well.
But what exactly is this 360-degree camera setup? How does it work and what benefit does it offer? In this explainer, we will tell you everything about the 360-degree camera system. Read on:
How does a 360-degree camera system work?
The 360-degree camera system isn’t actually a single camera as we see in the smartphone industry. Instead it is the combination of multiple camera arrays placed around the vehicle paired together with a software that renders the surrounding in real-time providing users more awareness about the area around the car.
A basic 360-degree camera setup includes at least four cameras — on front and rear bumpers, and one each under the side mirrors. The footage or let’s say data from all four cameras are clubbed together by the software to render the complete surrounding of the car from a top angle (bird’s eye view). Higher segment cars might use more cameras to get a much better interpretation of the surroundings and also offer much accurate 360-degree perspective.
Modern cars and 360-degree camera systems have become better and they now allow users to manually move around the camera using the touch screen system to see different angles of the car. This allows users to manually adjust the camera angle to see what’s around while parking their cars to avoid any accidents or to check whether there is enough space for the door to open.
What benefits does a 360-degree camera system in cars offer?
An accident is an accident, whether it is a small or a major accident. A 360-degree camera can go a long way in avoiding both. For starters, the camera system is designed to help you park better. It can show you whether your car is parked straight and within the guidelines or not.
Another benefit it offers is that you can actually see from the angles that the rear view mirror or side mirrors can’t show. For instance, you are parking somewhere and you actually don’t know whether your fender will hit it or not. In that case, a 360-degree camera can be adjusted to show the view from that angle.
Car manufacturers have also added blind spot monitoring system using the cameras placed under the side-mirrors. This shows you the footage from either of the side cameras as soon as you turn on the indicators. For instance, if you turn on the right side indicator, your infotainment system will show you footage from the right camera. Allowing you to switch lanes or take that right turn safely.


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