5G will change the world!  Movies will be downloaded in a few seconds, the speed of digital economy will also increase

5G will change the world! Movies will be downloaded in a few seconds, the speed of digital economy will also increase


New Delhi. Consumers eagerly waiting for 5G mobile services are expected to get this facility from this year itself. Auction of 5G spectrum can be done by May (5G Spectrum Auction). Telecom Secretary K Rajaraman has also indicated this. If this happens and 5G services are started then it will make people’s life easier than before.

This will not only make your life easier but will also give wings to the development of digital economy. The Department of Telecommunications says that the downloading speed will increase 10 times in 5G as compared to 4G. You will be able to download any movie in a few seconds, which currently takes 20-25 minutes.

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Control the house from outside
After the start of 5G services in the country, you will be able to control your home while you are outside. By connecting all the smart devices in the house like AC, Freeze etc. to the phone, you will be able to control them from outside. High quality videos or games can be enjoyed without any interruption. Internet speed will not decrease even if many users are connected simultaneously. Right now the work which can be done from computer or laptop, they can also be done from mobile.

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Easy to work from anywhere
In changing times, work from home has become a part of regular practice. 5G will make hybrid functioning more efficient and efficient. Through this, better use of artificial intelligence will be possible and many common daily tasks can be automated. 3D presentations and real-time responses will lead to tremendous improvement in work productivity.

Stadium-like experience in the living room
Through 5G, you will be able to experience the thrill of a stadium in the living room. This will deliver 8K quality streaming on the screen, which will transform the TV viewing experience. Not only this, to enhance the live match experience, one can choose their camera angle or can display multiple angles simultaneously while watching the match. All this will be possible because 5G can deliver huge amount of data with ultra-high speed.

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Healthcare will change
With the advent of 5G technology, a new revolution can come in the health sector. Fast and HD quality wireless networks will enable wearable tools and other advanced technologies to be used. With this, even the doctors sitting far away can be easily connected and consulted. Even robotic surgery will be possible with the help of these modern equipment. With this, the patient will be saved even in emergency situations and serious diseases can also be identified in time.

economy will get stronger
Experts believe that after the arrival of 5G, it will strengthen the Indian economy. E-commerce, health centers, shopkeepers, schools, colleges and even farmers will be able to take full advantage of this. In view of the way everyone’s dependence on the Internet has increased during the Corona era, after the arrival of 5G, it will help in making the life of every person better and easier. Smart cities can grow easily with the growing potential for full adoption of 5G.

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