6 cool features for voice messages on WhatsApp, the style of chatting will change

6 cool features for voice messages on WhatsApp, the style of chatting will change


WhatsApp new features: messaging platform WhatsApp has voice message The feature has been upgraded. In the new update, many special and new features have been introduced in the app. Users can now play voice messages at different speeds. Apart from this, WhatsApp will allow its users to preview voice messages before sending them. WhatsApp said, ‘Voice messages are an easy way to have a better conversation.

It is more natural to convey emotion or excitement by voice than by text, and in many situations, voice messaging is the preferred form of communication on WhatsApp’.

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Let’s know 6 new voice message features of WhatsApp:-

Out of Chat Playback: Voice messages can be heard outside of message chat. With this, other messages can be easily read and replied.

Pause/Resume Recording: If there is any problem while recording voice message, now you can pause and resume the recording.

Waveform Visualization: Visually displays the presentation of the sound to follow the recording.

Draft Preview: The voice message can be heard before it is sent.

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Remember Playback: If you pause while listening to a voice message, you can see where you left off when you return.

Fast Playback on Forwarded Messages: Voice messages can be done at 1.5x or 2x speed, so that the message can be heard faster, whether it is a regular message or forwarded, the speed of both can be increased.

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