74 years ago this person started Amul, now earns 90 crores daily!

74 years ago this person started Amul, now earns 90 crores daily!


new Delhi. There is hardly a need to tell much about the country’s famous dairy product brand Amul (AMUL). Milk is needed for morning tea or butter applied on bread for breakfast. For this, only one name comes first in the mind, that is Amul. Amul became the number one dairy product manufacturer in the country with its best product quality. Its daily income is more than Rs 90 crore. Let us tell you that today is the 74th Annual Day of Amul. that’s why Today we are telling you about 9 interesting things related to it.

(1) Today Amul’s 74th Annual Day Is. The company started business in 1945-46. It started with the Bombay Milk Scheme. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had laid the foundation of the cooperative scheme. After that it was registered as a cooperative society on 14 December 1946.

(2) Initially the capacity of the company is 250 liters per was the day. At present, there are a total of 7.64 lakh members of the Amul company. The company collects 33 lakh liters of milk daily. The company has a handling capacity of 50 lakh liters per day. The company accounts for 1.2 percent of the world’s milk production.

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(3) How did Amul start- Along with making the country self-sufficient in milk production, it was started by Verghese Kurien to improve the condition of the farmers. Kurien is also called the ‘Milkman of India’.

He started Kheda District Co-operative Society along with Tribhuvan Bhai Patel. In the year 1949, he established the Dairy Co-operative Union by making two villages in Gujarat as members. Kurien was the first person in the world to manufacture powder from buffalo milk. Earlier the powder was made from cow’s milk.

(4) Success of Amul But the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri formed the National Milk Development Board (NDDB) to spread the Amul model to other places and he was made the chairman of the board. NDDB started ‘Operation Flood’ in 1970, making India the world’s largest milk producer. Kurien served as the President of NDDB for 33 years from 1965 to 1998. He was the head of the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited from 1973 to 2006 and the president of the Institute of Rural Management from 1979 to 2006.

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(5) Launch of Amul Butter- It happened in the year 1956. But many other brands of the country were also giving competition to Amul. The original was getting tough competition from a company named Poulson Girl. According to media reports, Amul came up with a new way to promote Butter and asked an advertising agency, Advertising and Sales Promotion (ASP), to prepare a musket of Amul.

While making it, special care was taken that women should like this advertisement. What was it then, the company selected a girl for this new advertisement and on seeing the Amul girl people started liking it, which directly increased the demand for the product.

(6) Amul is included in the Guinness World Records-Amul’s “Utterly Butterly campaign” was the most popular advertisement and was also included in the Guinness World Records because the company believes that it is a very simple, simple, innovative and innovative product to its customers. providing company.

No big actor has ever been included in the advertisement of Amul. Amul’s success was on its thinking and its marketing in which it made such products where the people of the country realized that if we produce milk and butter even in our homes, then we are not going to get cheaper than this. People had a belief in him that if it is coming out of the homes of farmers like us and is becoming available in the market then it cannot be a wrong thing.

(7) AMUL is the market leader- Amul’s Butter is the market leader in the country. It has a total market share of 85 percent. At the same time, in the case of pouch milk, the market share is 25 percent. Apart from this, Amul has 80 percent market share in the cheese segment. At the same time, Amul has 40 percent market share in the ice cream segment.

(8) Annual earnings of Amul- Amul’s annual turnover i.e. income in the year 2016 was Rs 11,668 crore. At the same time, in 2017 it increased to Rs 20,733 crore. In the year 2018, it reached Rs 29,225 crore. Now talking about the year 2019, the earning has increased to Rs 32,960 crore.

(9) Profits of Amul— Amul works as a co-operative society. That’s why not much work is done for profit. Amul’s profit in the year 2018 was Rs 49 crore. Which has increased to Rs 53 crore in the year 2019.

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