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7th Pay Commission: Great news for central employees! Government is giving a gift of Rs 10,000 on Holi, know how you can avail benefits


new Delhi. This Holi is going to be something special for the Central Government Employees. On this festival of colors, the government can give them a big gift. In this era of epidemic, with this gift, this festival can become very special for him and his family.

Actually, the government can announce to give Special Festival Advance Scheme. In this, the central government can make a provision to give Rs 10,000 to the central employees under the Advance Scheme. This means that on the occasion of Holi, central employees can take Rs 10,000 as advance.

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will not pay any interest
The special thing in this is that the central employees will not have to pay any interest on this amount. Its last date can be 31 March 2022 i.e. till this date only central employees can take advance. Last year also, the government had announced this for the central employees.

Will be able to pay in 10 easy installments
This advance being given for festivals will be pre loaded. This money will already be recorded in the account of central employees. They just have to spend. Central employees are also being given the facility that they can return these money in 10 installments. It can be paid in monthly installments of just Rs 1,000.

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10,000 crore will be spent
According to the information received, an allocation of about Rs 4,000-5,000 crore can be announced under the Festival Advance Scheme. If the states also implement this scheme, then about Rs 8,000-10,000 crore will be spent. If sources are to be believed, the government will also take up the bank charges for the advance scheme. Employees will also be able to spend this advance digitally only.

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