88 years ago it was not the government but this person started Air India!

88 years ago it was not the government but this person started Air India!


new Delhi. The logo of Air India (Air India Stake Sale) is a red colored flying swan. It also has Konark Chakra in orange. The logo is prominently placed on the rear of the company’s airplanes. The company’s mascot ‘Maharaja’ was first shown in 1946. This has been the hallmark of the airline. Brands of other entities, except Air India Express and Air India Singapore Terminal Service Limited (Air India holds 50 per cent stake in these two companies) will also be offered to new Air India customers.

After the sale of Air India and the entry of new investors, it will no longer be possible for these sub-brands to use the master brand and logo. Air India has about 12 sub-brands. The focus is on separating them from the master brand and logo. The government is trying to sell Air India this year. All measures are also being taken to make the company attractive for new buyers.

Let’s know how Air India started.

This is how Air India started-

Air India was born in April 1932. It was founded by the then industrialist JRD Tata, but its name was not Air India. Then its name used to be Tata Airlines. Tata Airlines was started in the year 1932, but JRD Tata first flew an airplane in the year 1919 when he was only 15 years old.

There were no passengers on the first flight

(1) JRD Tata later took his pilot’s license. But he took the first commercial flight on October 15 when he took a single-engined ‘Heavyland Puss Moth’ plane from Karachi to Mumbai via Ahmedabad.

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There were no passengers in this flight, but there were 25 kg letters. These letters were brought from London to Karachi by ‘Imperial Airways’. Imperial Airways used to be Britain’s princely aircraft carrier.

(2) The year 1933 was the first business year for Tata Airlines. The Tata Sons company, established at a cost of two lakhs, also carried 155 passengers and about 11 tonnes of mail in the same year. Tata Airlines ships have covered a total of 160,000 miles in a single year.

Four annas used to meet on every letter: The process of carrying mail regularly started. But the then British government in India did not give any financial help to Tata Airlines. Only four were allowed on each letter. A postage stamp had to be pasted for that too.

(3) Initially, Tata Airlines operated from a mud house near Juhu, Mumbai. A ground there was used as a ‘runway’. Whenever it rained or monsoon came, water used to fill this ground.

At that time, Tata Airlines used to have two small single-engine airplanes, two pilots and three mechanics. JRD Tata used to operate his airplanes from Pune in case of waterlogging.

(4) The first pilots were British: Homi Bharucha, pilot of the British Royal Royal Air Force, was the first pilot of Tata Airlines, while JRD Tata and Vincent were the second and third pilots.

(5) When the airlines were restored after the Second World War, on 29 July 1946, Tata Airlines became a public limited company and its name was changed to ‘Air India Limited’. 49 percent stake was taken.

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