After Facebook and Instagram were blocked in Russia, this messaging app got underway!


new Delhi. The messaging app Telegram has benefited a lot since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This is when this messaging app is considered inferior to the big American company Meta’s WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram in terms of security and fight against misinformation. However, the company refutes this fact and says that the platform is very secure.

Russia has been strongly opposed by the US after the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia. In this connection, Meta (Facebook) allegedly banned the content of Russian news agencies on its platform. This means that government-run media were banned from using Facebook and Instagram.

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Telegram will only work after the ban on Facebook
Now it is being said that after Facebook banned the accounts of Russian media, Russia is banning this meta platform itself. This information was given by Russia’s communication regulators on Friday. After Russia banned Facebook and Instagram, it would be difficult for people to talk to each other. To fill this gap, people are looking to Telegram, which is not a social media app like Facebook, but communication can be continued.

Facem is Telegram for two reasons
According to the daily data provided by Telegram, the app has had 150 million downloads since the beginning of this year. In this context, one can say that this app is already in demand before the Russian invasion. But there is a reason for this too.

The reason is that Telegram does not make any revenue or profit from the data of its users, as American platforms earn. Its economic model is different from that of big American companies and that is why people were also liking it.

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Apart from this, the second reason is that the two brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, who created Telegram, were Russian citizens, who left their country in 2014. This means that Telegram has a connection with Russia since the beginning of the app. It is said that even after pressure from the authorities, Nikolai Durov thought it better to sell his stake instead of giving the personal data of the activist to the government.

App work on security and encryption
“Telegram has a very good revenge story and we all love it because of its story,” said Professor Enrique Dans, an expert in information systems at the IE Business School in Madrid. He asked, will it be enough to make Telegram the world’s favorite messaging app? Much remains to be done. At the level of security, encryption and business model, this app will still have to go a long way and show some strength.

Although this platform, run from Dubai, has said that the app is absolutely safe. However, the way in which Meta’s WhatsApp auto-encrypts messages, this app does not do the same.

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