After smartphones, Samsung now accused of limiting Galaxy Tab S8 apps performance - Times of India

After smartphones, Samsung now accused of limiting Galaxy Tab S8 apps performance – Times of India


Earlier this month, Samsung was accused of throttling Android apps’ performance on its smartphones. The controversy resulted in Geekbench permanently delisting Samsung Galaxy S22 series from its benchmarking results.
The platform has now removed Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 from its rankings, following a report by Android Police. It said that the South Korean company is also limiting apps’ performance on the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. It reported that single-core scores in the disguised Geekbench app were up to 24% lower than the standard Geekbench app. Similarly, the multi-core scores dropped by as much as 11%. Last year’s Tab S7 series and the Tab S5e didn’t record a significant drop in benchmark scores, which means that the GOS-related throttling wasn’t happening then.
The announcement was made by the official handle of Geekbench via a Twitter post. “Thanks to @AndroidPolice, we became aware that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 makes performance decisions based on application identifiers rather than application behavior. We’ve delisted the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 from our Android Benchmark chart,” the tweet reads.

Game Optimising Service (GOS) is a system application that comes pre-installed on Samsung smartphones. This app is said to intentionally limit other app’s performance to avoid excessive heating of the device during gaming and related activities.
According to a Twitter user @GaryeonHan, Samsung has intentionally limited the performance of over 10,000 apps in its smartphones. These include popular apps like YouTube, Google Maps, the Play Store, Chrome, Gmail, Google Play Services along with third-party apps like Netflix, Disney+, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, among others.
Samsung then said that it will release a software update to offer a performance priority option in the game booster lab within the game launcher app as soon as possible. It has started pushing out an update to Galaxy S22 series phones and is now expected to bring a similar update to the Galaxy Tab S8 series.


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