After the implementation of the new labor law in Belgium, now work will have to be done only 4 days a week

After the implementation of the new labor law in Belgium, now work will have to be done only 4 days a week


New Delhi. In Belgium, now employees will work only four days a week (4 days week). According to an agreement between the labor union and business groups, now if an employee demands to work for four days in a week, then he will be allowed it and there will be no salary cut for this. Not only this, an employee will be able to work less days in the next week by working more days in one week.

Labor laws in Belgium are considered quite complex. There, there has been a demand for reforms in labor laws for a long time. After talks between labor unions and business groups regarding labor reforms, the government confirmed that offices in the country will now work four days a week.

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Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said that due to Kovid-19, ‘new ways of working’ have come into play and now more leeway will be given to employees and employers. With this new change, full-time employees will be entitled to work four days a week. For this they have to get permission from their employer. The Prime Minister said that the employer can turn down the employee’s demand for four days’ work, but he will have to give a concrete reason in writing for doing so.

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Will have to work for 9 hours 30 minutes

According to this new agreement, the employee will have to do 9 hours and 30 minutes of duty. It can also be done for 10 hours. Prime Minister de Cru said that the country has seen two very bad years. Now with this new agreement, the country’s economy is expected to become more innovative, stable and digital. The purpose of this agreement is to strengthen people and business.

The Prime Minister said that the corona virus has had a negative effect on the employees. This has forced flexibility in functions and a mix of working life and personal life. This is what has led us towards new ways of working.

Campaigners are not satisfied with this either

At the same time, Joe Ryle, director of the 4 Day Week Campaign, says that – “We support giving employees the freedom to choose the work schedule, but reducing the five-day week to four days is not enough for the employees. Will not get relief from stress and work pressure. If there is an increase in the working hours per day, then where is the solution to the problem.

Trial started in England too

In England too, from June this year, the trial of work is starting 4 days a week. For this, about 30 companies have agreed. In this trial, which will run for about six months, companies will allow employees to work 32 hours a week. In this way they will get three days off every week. There will be no reduction in their salary and allowances during this period. Such a pilot project is going on in some more countries including America, Ireland, Canada.

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