Agriculture budget will be presented for the first time, loan waiver for farmers who are indebted to public sector banks

Agriculture budget will be presented for the first time, loan waiver for farmers who are indebted to public sector banks


New Delhi. The Rajasthan government, which came under pressure from the government’s humiliation due to the auction of farmers’ lands, has now started working on a scheme to give farm loan waiver to such farmers, who have taken loans from national banks. And they have defaulted. The Rajasthan government has already waived off the loans taken by farmers from cooperative banks.

It is worth noting that this time the Rajasthan government will also present a separate agriculture budget for agriculture. The agriculture budget was announced in the last budget. Last month itself, this matter became a matter of discussion across the country after the Dausa farmer’s land was auctioned for not repaying the loan of a nationalized bank. Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait had reached Dausa. BJP is also besieging the government regarding farmer loan waiver. After the controversy, the state government had stopped the land auction of the farmer of Ramgarh Panchwara yesterday itself and the Rajasthan government had banned the auction of farmers’ land across the state.

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Debt waiver continues

After the loan waiver of the indebted farmers of cooperative sectors, now the commercial banks have started churning on waiving the loans of the indebted farmers. The Planning Department, which coordinates with the banks on behalf of the government, has submitted the report of the current situation of the farmers indebted to the commercial banks to the Finance Department. Government sources say that this loan waiver can be up to 2.5 thousand crore rupees. It is worth mentioning that till the order of Rajasthan government banning farmers’ land auction, land attachment proceedings were going on against 1 lakh 11 thousand 727 farmers in Rajasthan. Out of these, notices were also given to 9 thousand.

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6 thousand crore NPA of 3 lakh farmers

According to an estimate, more than 3 lakh farmers in Rajasthan have loan NPAs of more than Rs 6,018 crore. Out of these, loans of about 2.5 to 3 thousand crores are under auction. Government sources say that at present, a plan to waive off this loan of about 3 thousand is being considered. Although, the idea of ​​​​loan waiver scheme is in the initial stage right now, its scope cannot be ruled out. Earlier also, the government had offered to public sector banks that the government would pay 10% of the loans that had become NPA, 90% banks would waive it. But the banks did not show interest in it.

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