Air India Alert: Read this warning before booking free tickets, fraud can happen to you

Air India Alert: Read this warning before booking free tickets, fraud can happen to you


Air India Flight Booking: Everyday life has returned to its old ways when the corona infection subsides. When life returns to normal, many companies are launching new offers every day to expand their business. Airlines are also offering many types of offers on ticket booking to woo more and more passengers. But beware! Before booking tickets under any offer, check that offer thoroughly. Because some fake websites are working to mislead people by issuing wrong information.

Air India has issued an alert about one such offer. Air India, which recently joined the Tata Group, has told about a misleading advertisement that no free ticket offer is being run by Air India. Air India says that it has not created any company named

what is the matter
Actually the matter is that company is running a campaign in print and digital media, claiming that the company has developed an app prototype for Air India. A QR code has also been given with the advertisement. The link to download the prototype app is given through this QR code. In this advertisement, free ticket booking of Air India is being talked about. company’s advertisement has claimed that those who download this app will get a chance to win free Air India tickets.

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fake offer
Air India said that if you have also seen such an advertisement, then keep a distance from it. The airline says that no free tickets are being given by it. The claim made by is completely bogus and there is no need to fall for it.

Air India has said that this app is definitely showing the logo of Air India, but Air India has no hand to develop it. If there is any fraud with anyone through this app, then Air India will not be responsible for it.

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