Airtel has made a plan for a big investment of 1.17 lakh crore, know what will be the benefit for you?

Airtel has made a plan for a big investment of 1.17 lakh crore, know what will be the benefit for you?


new Delhi. Private telecom company Airtel has made a big investment plan to increase its business and provide new facilities to the customers. The shareholders of Airtel have also given green signal to the investment of Google.

Airtel called an emergency general meeting (EGM) on Saturday, in which the shareholders gave a green signal to Google’s investment of Rs 7,500 crore. 99 percent of the shareholders of the company have agreed to this investment plan. Under the agreement, Google will get a 1.28 percent stake in Airtel. Google has made equity investment in the company at a price of Rs 734 per share.

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Emphasis on strengthening affiliates
Bharti Airtel also placed an investment plan in front of its shareholders to strengthen its affiliates, which was approved unanimously. The company plans to invest Rs 1.17 lakh crore in the long term. Under this, large capital will be invested in the associate companies Indus Towers, Nxtra and Bharti Hexacom.

Mobile towers will be strong before 5G
Airtel has laid special emphasis on expanding the 5G services in the country and strengthening its tower before the facility is launched. This is the reason why the company will invest Rs 88 thousand crore in its associate mobile tower company Indus Towers in the next few years. Apart from this, there will be an investment of 15 thousand crores in Datacenter Nxtra, while Bharti Hexacom will also invest 14 thousand crores.

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What will be the benefit to the customers
Airtel told shareholders that the company is working on a big plan to play an active role in the Digital India campaign and to provide 5G facilities to customers. For this, 17 thousand crores will be invested in Indus Towers in the next four financial years and 20 thousand crores by 2025-26. The biggest focus of investment will be on 5G services. This will make it easier for customers to access 5G services.

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