Alert! Your credit-debit card will be hacked in just 6 seconds, follow this method to keep it safe


new Delhi. As the world of digital transactions is growing rapidly, the penetration of cyber criminals is also increasing at the same time. Cybercrime is becoming the biggest threat to your financial security.

NordVPN recently released a study of 4 million payment cards in 140 countries. It has been told that an average debit or credit card can be cracked in just six seconds. The report states that the most popular method of hacking payment cards is brute forcing. It works very fast and takes possession of your card in just a few seconds.

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Cyber ​​criminals guess card number and CVV

NordVPN’s CTO Marijus Breedes says that the only way to get such a large number of cards on the dark web is through brute forcing. Through this, cyber criminals basically try to guess the card number and CVV. This type of cyber attack through computer takes only six seconds and your card gets hacked as soon as the correct number is bet.

Follow these steps for safety

The card holder should keep reviewing his/her monthly details for any suspicious activity. Along with this, every security notification coming from the bank should be answered immediately.

Keep only a little money in the account with which your card is linked. Also, use a separate bank account for each work.

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RBI also issued guidelines

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently released a booklet detailing the commonly used tricks by cyber criminals and fraudsters. In this, all measures have been given to make digital transactions and banking secure. RBI has made it clear that do not trust the loan offers and payments over the phone and do not share your confidential information with anyone.

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