Amazing isn’t it! Put 1,000 rupees every month in this scheme and will get the benefit of 12 lakhs, know how

If the PPF account has become inactive then do not panic, start again like this easily


new Delhi. The new year has started and many people will be searching for big profits along with saving money. Investing money in the stock market is not the best thing, because there is a lot of risk and less understanding.

We tell you the solution to this problem. You can easily get big returns by investing in Public Provident Fund ie PPF. This is a completely government-run scheme, due to which there is no risk in it and the government rates its interest quarterly. This interest is given to you as a guarantee. By investing one thousand rupees every month in this scheme, you can earn a profit of 12 lakhs.

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How much interest do you get now

The government fixes interest rates on PPF every quarter. It usually remains between 7 to 8 percent. Currently, it is getting 7.1 percent interest. Its biggest feature is that this interest is converted into compound interest every year and your returns become fat. If seen, this scheme is getting more interest than any bank FD.

What is the plan of ABCD

You can start investing in PPF with a minimum investment of Rs 500 per month and the maximum investment can be made annually is Rs 1.5 lakh. Its maturity is also 15 years. Hence, it helps you to build a large corpus in the long run. If you want, you can withdraw the investment amount on maturity or leave it for another 5 years, on which you will continue to earn interest.

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Understand the math of returns like this

If you invest Rs 1,000 every month, you will invest Rs 1.80 lakh in 15 years. On this, interest of 1.45 lakh will be available at the current rate and the total amount will be 3.25 lakh. Leave it for 5 more years, then your total investment will be 2.40 lakhs and the return will reach 2.92 lakhs. Now on withdrawing the amount, you will get a total of Rs 5.32 lakh. Instead of withdrawing this amount, you invest again for 5-5 years, then your total investment will be 3.60 lakhs, but the interest will reach 8.76 lakhs. On maturity you will get Rs 12.36 lakh.

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