America told these markets, including Delhi Palika market, infamous, CAT expressed displeasure

Take it out: America told this market of New Delhi, the favorite of millions of Indians, infamous


new Delhi. Traders of India have now expressed strong objection to the report released by USTR recently. India’s markets have been called infamous in this report. These markets include 4 markets of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. On this report of USTR, the main organization of traders, Confederation of All India Traders clearly said that USTR has gone beyond its jurisdiction. It has no right to call any market in any country other than America bad.

It was told on behalf of CAT that the US Trade Representative has described 4 Indian markets, Heera Panna Bazar in Mumbai, Palika Bazar and Tank Road Textile Market in Delhi and Kidderpur in Kolkata as infamous. On which the traders got angry. CAIT National President BC Bhartia and National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal expressed deep sorrow over the USTR’s report alleging that USTR has engaged in or facilitated substantial trademark counterfeiting or copyright evasion in these markets.

He said that this strategy has been adopted by the US agency to discourage international buyers to come to India or different markets of India. This report is baseless without any concrete evidence and CAT has taken this matter seriously. Bhartia and Khandelwal said that CAT will register its displeasure with the US Embassy in New Delhi and has asked its legal team to investigate the matter from a legal angle and also refrain from going to court if advised by the legal team. Won’t hesitate.

Both Bhartia and Khandelwal asserted that the world is fully aware of how American companies indulge in malpractices in their business activities across the globe. Many US companies have been punished in different countries and even within the US these companies are often punished by different US states. So it would be better for USTR to focus on his country instead of preaching. This report is a bundle of lies with no credible evidence and cannot be taken as a testament to the USTR. Indian markets do not require any certificate from anyone including US TR.

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