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Are you planning to travel too? Know how to choose the best credit card for international travel?


Credit Card: People locked in homes from Corona will now plan to roam. With the relaxation of travel restrictions, foreign travel will accelerate. Are you thinking of traveling abroad? There are many ways to carry money while traveling abroad. You can have cash, a foreign currency card or a traveller’s check. Credit cards are one of the most convenient ways to transact abroad. Let us know how you can choose the right credit card for overseas travel.

Apart from helping you store and access money, credit cards also come with other benefits like reward points, cashback and discounts. However, there are several things you should be aware of when using your card abroad.

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choose the right card
There are various credit card products available in the market for overseas travel. Each card can offer a different kind of advantage. Compare your options before getting a credit card for yourself. Choose the card that best meets your needs. The card should help you with the experiences you are planning. Check transaction fees, late payment fees, rewards, discounts and card acceptability in the country you’re traveling to.

Enable or disable international transactions
Tell your card issuer about your plan before you travel. All cards now allow you to enable or disable international transactions through your net banking or app. Without enabling this option, you may not be able to transact abroad with your card. Your card issuer will consider your transaction suspicious and block your card. If your card gets blocked during your travel, you can call your card company to have it unblocked.

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hold more than two cards
It is better to carry more than two cards during travel. If a card is not accepted, you will be saved from trouble. Sometimes you may notice that foreign traders are not accepting cards affiliated with a particular financial network. So it can be helpful to carry multiple cards with different networks like MasterCard, Visa or American Express. If one card fails, work with the other.

airport lounge benefits
Traveling abroad can be a costly affair. So if you are looking for a credit card that will give you priority access or discounts on airport lounges, it will be beneficial. You can get complimentary meals, refreshments and lounge access during stopovers by using the Priority Access Pass. You may have to spend money on the card, but you should assess whether these expenses make your trip easier.

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