Asia Economic Dialogue 2022: 5 Messages of Mukesh Ambani... If you don't believe the world will end

Asia Economic Dialogue 2022: 5 Messages of Mukesh Ambani… If you don’t believe the world will end


new Delhi. Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani (CMD Mukesh Ambani) on Wednesday expressed his opinion on many issues in a conversation with PIC President Raghunath Mashelkar at the Asia Economic Dialogue 2022. He gave 5 such messages to the world, which are most important to save the earth and improve human life. We are telling you which are 5 such mantras, which give the message of saving not only India but the whole world.

1- Earth is the only planet inhabited by humans, which is facing the crisis of climate change. It is the responsibility of every country and every citizen to save it, otherwise we will all perish.

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2- Before the 18th century, Asia was the world’s largest GDP. Some crises arose in the middle of the two centuries, but in the next decade, Asia will again become Sirmaur. Its share in the total economy of the world will be 60 percent.

3- India will become a superpower in the next 20 years on the basis of New Energy (Green Energy). With this, 20 to 30 energy companies as big as Reliance can also be made.

4- The world should invest in India’s green energy project. Our energy demand is continuously increasing, which will benefit them.

5- The world should now look towards EARTH-FRIENDLY INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. This change is possible only through technology and we should use technology to save Mother Nature along with our own development.

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