Another chance to buy single storey house at affordable rates in NCR, Housing Development Council extended the date of the scheme

Awas Vikas Housing Scheme: Buy single story house in NCR adjacent to Delhi, application date extended


Ghaziabad. In Delhi or NCR, people who have not been able to register for the scheme of single storey houses of the Housing Development Council for some reason, can still do the registration. The council has extended the date of this scheme till March 31. This scheme will be about 5 km from Sonia Vihar Border Delhi and 500 meters from Delhi Saharanpur Highway.

Housing Development Council (Avas Vikas Parishad) had launched the scheme of single storey houses in November last year. It has been said that after the launch of the scheme, due to the notification of elections in Uttar Pradesh, the scheme could not be promoted properly. So far, registration has been done for only 45 percent of the houses. Therefore, the council has extended the date of registration. It has been said that these houses will be built by 2023. For this application can be made both online and offline. The buildings to be built under the scheme will be semi-finished. Single storey building can be bought at flat rate.

apply like this

Awas Vikas Parishad Uttar Pradesh Site You can apply by visiting Apart from this, you can also apply for offline application by taking the form from HDFC Bank 4/5 Omdutt Plaza, Sector 15C, Vasundhara Ghaziabad. If needed, Vipin Dubey 7520678486, Dr. DV Singh, Superintending Engineer 8795810036, Ms. Sherry Deputy Housing Commissioner 8795810007, Faraj Aslam Engineer 8795811694 can also be contacted by phone. The application form is of Rs 1000.

four types of houses

The buildings to be built in Mandola Vihar Sector 6 will be of four categories. Their total number is 252. The expected start time for the construction of the buildings is January 2023 and the expected completion time is December 2023. There are two categories of LIG and two categories of MIG buildings. 60 LIG buildings will be constructed with less area and 75 with more area, while MIG buildings will be constructed 60 with less area and 58 with more area. A total of 252 flats of all categories will be built.

price and area
The estimated cost of LIG building with an area of ​​60.59 sqm will be Rs 22.35 lakh.
The estimated cost of LIG building having 75.00 sqm area will be Rs.25.90 lakh.
The estimated cost of a building having an area of ​​MIG 112.00 sqm will be Rs 40.40 lakh.
The estimated cost of MIG building with 162.00 sqm area will be Rs 57.85 lakh.

5000 flats already built

About 5000 flats have been built under Mandola Vihar Yojna. Due to being connected to Delhi-Saharanpur Highway in future, the council is now preparing to develop this scheme on priority basis. According to the officials of the Council Headquarters, Lucknow, many more big projects will be launched in the future under this scheme.

Houses will be half a kilometer away from the main road

These houses of Awas Vikas Parishad will be very close to the main road. Their distance from Delhi Saharanpur Highway will be only 5 km. This housing scheme is being launched in Sector 6. That is, this plan will be in front of the council office, so that people will not have trouble in reaching the main road.

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