Baba Ramdev made big allegations against FMCG companies, said - these companies are copying Patanjali

Baba Ramdev made big allegations against FMCG companies, said – these companies are copying Patanjali


new Delhi. Baba Ramdev, founder and yoga guru of Patanjali Ayurved has claimed that Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), ITC, Dabur and Colgate Palmolive FMCG companies are trying to copy Patanjali Ayurved. But, they have not been successful in this attempt. Their products have not been able to make the place in the consumers that Patanjali’s products have made.

In an exclusive interview to, Baba Ramdev said that many companies are launching natural products. Everyone knows that these companies are copy cats and copying us. But, the reality is that no one can copy Patanjali Ayurved brand equity. No one has the ability to snatch Patanjali Ayurved’s market share.

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no one can replace patanjali

Baba Ramdev said that big brands like HUL have spent thousands of crores of rupees on their Ayush brand. But they have not got success in this field. Similarly, Colgate launched Vedshakti in the market. The ingredients that he said to be mixed in this product are of no use for the health of the teeth. That’s why people don’t believe in them. Baba Ramdev said that we have made it when we talk about aloe vera gel. Patanjali Ayurved has 70-80 per cent stake in this segment. He said that companies like HUL and Emami entered this sector but the market did not accept them.

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There should be competition in the market

Baba Ramdev said that there should be competition in the market. By having competition, the consumer will come to know about our value. The strength of any brand depends on the trust of the consumers in it. FMCG companies spend heavily on brand ambassadors to build their brand identity. Can make good commercials movies. Despite doing all this, she still cannot gain the trust that people have for Baba Ramdev in the market. He said that we have spent 30 years in the service of the country. This is not our pride, audacity or ignorance, but the truth.

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