Bappi da, fond of gold, know how much wealth he has left, how much gold does he have?

Bappi da, fond of gold, know how much wealth he has left, how much gold does he have?


New Delhi. As soon as the name of Bappi Lahiri, who gave voice (music) to Mithun Chakraborty’s dance, comes to the fore, his first picture in our mind comes to our mind as a romantic singer. Bappi Da breathed his last on Wednesday morning at the age of 69 and said goodbye to the world.

Like us, you would have thought about how much wealth Bappi Da, who is famous for wearing gold jewellery, has left behind. The most curious will be about knowing how much gold they have. Everyone would know about Bappi Da’s social status, we are giving you his financial status information.

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3.5 crore house and 55 lakh car
Bappi Da has a luxury house in Mumbai, which he bought in the year 2001. The market price of this house is currently around Rs 3.5 crore. Apart from this, he was also fond of luxury cars. He had 5 of the best cars in the world. Apart from BMW and Audi, it also includes a car worth Rs 55 lakh from Tesla.

Lucky to wear gold
We have always seen Bappi Do wearing 7-8 gold chains. His love for gold is well known. Bappi said that she is lucky enough to wear gold. He personally has a lot of gold jewellery. According to the disclosures made during the elections in 2014, Bappi Da had 750 grams of gold ornaments. However, it is quite likely that by now it would have increased further.

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22 crores total assets
According to the website caknowledge, which monitors the wealth of veterans, Bappi Lahiri had assets worth $ 3 million, about Rs 22 crore as of December. He used to charge 8-10 lakh rupees for a song in a movie. Bappi da used to charge 20 to 25 lakh rupees for giving a program of one hour in a concert. His monthly income was 20 lakhs and annual income was about 2.2 crores, while personal investment of 11.3 crores has been made.

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