Bata made investors millionaires!  Learn the story of becoming a boss from a bankrupt laborer

Bata made investors millionaires! Learn the story of becoming a boss from a bankrupt laborer


Bata King has remained a shoe maker in India for a long time. Although to say this is an MNC company, but its heart is a whole Hindustani. This brand entered the country about 90 years ago today. This was the period when we used to order shoes from Japan. You must remember that song of Raj Kapoor, Mera Joota Hai Japanese. but slowly BATA Became the favorite shoe of the middle class of the country. It has completed 46 years of its listing. That’s why today we are telling you the interesting story of Bata…

Investors made millionaires-Bata has been a wonderful travel companion. The investment of Rs 30,000 made in it in June 1973 has become about Rs 1 crore today. Due to the 1000 share split and bonus of June 1973, the company has grown to 7000 shares by 2015. The company has also given rights issue 3 times. This stock has given 333 times return in 46 years.

, Bata was listed in June 1973. Its IPO came at 30/share price. Bata is a Czech Republic company.

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Thomas Bata (file photo)

, It was started by Thomas Bata in 1894. The company came to India in search of rubber and leather. In 1939, the company’s business started from Kolkata. The country’s first shoe machine was installed in Batanagar. Today India is the second largest market of Bata.

, Bata has 1375 retail stores in the country in which 8500 employees work. This year the company has sold 5 crore shoes.

, The company has operations in 90 countries. It has a total of 30000 employees and 5000 stores. Every day one million customers visit the company’s store.

The first factory in India was opened before independence

, Bata had opened the first factory in Konnagar, West Bengal, which later shifted to Bataganj. After Bataganj Bihar, five factories including Faridabad (Haryana), Pinaya (Karnataka) and Hosur (Tamil Nadu) started.

, All these places make cheap, comfortable and sturdy shoes from leather, rubber, canvas and PVC. Bata is one such shoe brand in India which has its own loyal middle class customer community.

Story of a bankrupt worker to owner

, The Bata family, living in a small town of Jlin in the European country of Czechoslovakia, had been living by making shoes for many generations. Years passed between conflicts. The family’s fortunes turned in 1894 when son Tomas dreamed big.

, He enlisted his sister Anna and brother Antonin as his allies to professionalize the family industry. With great difficulty the brothers and sisters persuaded the mother and received $320 from her. After this, he rented two rooms in the village itself, took two sewing machines on installments, bought raw material by taking loan and started business.

, Tomas G. After leaving the business of his siblings, Bata did not let his frustration overwhelm himself and in just 6 years, he brought the work to such a condition that now the shop started falling short. To increase the business, Tomas had to take a huge loan. There also came a time when due to non-payment of loans on time, there was a situation of bankruptcy.

, In such a situation, Tomas and three of his employees learned to work for six months as laborers in a shoe company in New England. During this, he closely watched the working of many companies and returned home after understanding their functioning. Here he started working in a new way. In 1912, Thomas employed 600 laborers and provided work to hundreds in their homes. Established Bata’s Exclusive Stores, planning for sales along with production.

, After the World War, Bata made tremendous progress and expansion with the formula of reducing prices. Bata’s shoe production increased by about 15 times and spread to about 27 countries. India was also one of them. The retail chain of Bata stores also became a hit and hundreds of its franchises started opening. During this time, Bata expanded the company by making products like socks, leather items, chemicals, tyres, rubber items, besides shoes, thinking 50 years ahead.

, Now Bata Shu was established as a group rather than just a company. Soon Bata became the world’s largest shoe exporter. Tomas Bata built his headquarters in a building that is considered the tallest concrete building in Europe. On July 12, 56-year-old Tomas Bata died in an air crash. Unfortunately, this accident happened with his plane after it collided with the chimney of one of his buildings.

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