Beware of fake drone pilot training schools: DGCA - Times of India

Beware of fake drone pilot training schools: DGCA – Times of India


NEW DELHI: A number of “fake” remote drone pilot training organisation (RPTO) — those falsely claiming to be recognised by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) — have mushroomed across India as the sunrise sector holds the promise of providing jobs to a large number of trained unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) licence holders.
The regulator has now sounded an alarm over this malpractice so that people don’t get duped by those running these fake training schools.
“It has come to the notice of the DGCA… that numerous fake (unrecognised by DGCA) RPTOs are offering remote pilot training programme, claiming to be approved by DGCA to lure the candidates by misleading advertisement…. be careful about such self-styled, unrecognised institutions which are functioning in contravention of Drone Rules 2021. List of DGCA approved RPTOs is available @ ,” DGCA chief Arun Kumar said in a public notice on Wednesday.
“All such (fake) organisations/persons (behind them) are warned that as per Rule 50 of Drone Rules 2021, appropriate penalty shall be levied by DGCA, if found involved in such fake activity.
Further, it has come to notice that few NGOs, federations, trusts and associations are also giving misleading advertisement on their websites, claiming to be associated with DGCA/approved by DGCA and collecting membership fee from drone startups and companies in drone Industry…. be cautious about such demand as DGCA does not support such activity,” it adds.
Information about such fake RPTO can be reported to DGCA drone directorate on email: [email protected]


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