Bharatpe controversy: Now Ashneer Grover's wife Madhuri Jain accuses the company of sharing the video of the liquor party

Bharatpe controversy: Now Ashneer Grover’s wife Madhuri Jain accuses the company of sharing the video of the liquor party


Bharatpe controversy: : Instead of ending the ongoing dispute between the management of Fintech startup Bharatpe, it is increasing day by day. The round of accusations and counter-allegations continues. Under the new development, Madhuri Jain, wife of the company’s founder and managing director Ashneer Grover, has made new allegations against the company by tweeting a video of a liquor party.

Earlier, the company has fired Madhuri Jain from the company on charges of financial irregularities. Along with this, Bharatpe has also confiscated all the ESOPs allotted to Madhuri Jain. Madhuri Jain was on the post of ‘Head of Control’ in the company.

Two videos of ‘Sharab Party’
Earlier in the day, Madhuri Jain made fresh allegations against the other two co-founders of the company- (Suhail Sameer) and Bhavik Koladiya by posting two videos of an alleged ‘liquor party’ held at BharatPe’s office. Suhail Sameer is also the CEO of BharatPe. In the video posted by Madhuri Jain, people are seen dancing after drinking alcohol.

Madhuri Jain said in her tweet, “Congratulations to Suhail Sameer, Bhavik Koladia and Shashwat Nakrani. Now you guys can comfortably carry on with your ‘liquor fornication’ without worrying about leaving my office. There should be applause for you!!”

At the same time, in another tweet, he said, “Also, now you again treat women as objects, as was done to me in this whole matter and in this, the board with radical male thinking supported you.”

‘What strategy or conspiracy is being discussed’
Apart from this, Madhuri Jain has made another tweet, which allegedly has an audio recording of the conversation between her husband Ashneer Grover and Bhavik Dolkia. Posting this recording, Madhuri wrote, “On February 22, Bhavik Dolkia (according to the company BharatPe’s third party vendor) called from the house of Board Chairman Rajnish Kumar and asked to meet Ashneer. What was he doing at Rajneesh’s house? What strategy or conspiracy were they discussing? Why did he threaten Ashneer and use abusive language when asked why he is to meet.”

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