Big Bear of the stock market suggested - where to invest will be beneficial and where not to invest

Big Bear of the stock market suggested – where to invest will be beneficial and where not to invest


New Delhi. Share Market: The Indian stock market is constantly hiccups. While it fell heavily on the first day of the week, it gained momentum today, ie on Tuesday. The more the market was pulled down by the Bears yesterday, the more vigorously the Bulls brought the market up today. This volatility coming in the market is making everyone confused.

Regarding the condition and direction of the market, veteran investor Shankar Sharma says that the markets are still showing signs of weakness. Talking to CNBC-TV18, Sharma said that big stocks are not gaining momentum on Nifty. This has been happening since August-September last year. Although a lot has changed after August-September, but this trend of Nifty has not changed. Let us tell you that Shankar Sharma is called Big Bear and his estimate for recession is almost accurate.

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Bets can be placed on these shares

Shankar Sharma says that now you can bet on chemical stocks. Growth is expected in this sector. Bank stocks and FMCG companies have shown a lot of momentum, now it is not right to expect compounding growth from them. Sharma says that although the commodity cycle continues, it may continue for a few more months.

Regarding diagnostic companies, Sharma said that removing the impact of Kovid-19, their business has been good, but we cannot call it brilliant. The veteran investor believes that the entire matter of Kovid-19 was a racket. The companies collected such high rates by collusion, which no one can even expect. Now their margins are decreasing. It’s going well.

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Don’t Invest Too Much in Cryptocurrencies

Regarding cryptocurrency, Shankar Sharma says that whether the government imposes tax on it or brings any law on it, crypto will stay in India. It fluctuates a lot. Therefore, investors should not invest more money in it (Investment In Cryptocurrency). Only 1 to 2 percent of the total investment should be invested in this.

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