Big blow to the farmers!  Fertilizer prices are increasing rapidly, know the reason

Big blow to the farmers! Fertilizer prices are increasing rapidly, know the reason


Fertilizer Prices in India: The effect of the war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine is being seen all over the world. After crude oil, electric products, now the prices of fertilizers have jumped. The prices of fertilizers are increasing due to the supply of fertilizers being affected. Russia is a major fertilizer supplier in the world. Economic sanctions are being imposed on Russia due to the war with Ukraine, which is disrupting the supply of fertilizers.

Experts say that since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the prices of fertilizers have increased by more than 10 percent.

import of potash
Potash plays a major role in the production of fertilizers. India imports potash in large quantities. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are the largest exporters of potash. The supply of potash from these countries has come to a standstill due to the war. India imports 10-12 per cent of its total fertilizer imports from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Experts say that in the current financial year, potash is being imported at a price of about $ 280 per metric ton. But now this price has increased a lot, which will have a direct impact on the farmers.

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According to, Malik Niang, a big supplier of fertilizers, says that he has never seen such a huge supply crisis during the last 10 years of business. He explains that since Russia invaded Ukraine, shipping companies have not collected their cargo in St. Petersburg, Russia. In addition, due to financial sanctions against Russia, fertilizer exports from Russia have fallen sharply. Niang contacted vendors in Senegal and elsewhere, such as Morocco, but was told their order books were full by the end of the year.

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