Big brokerage firm recommended two shares for 20% return, one price only Rs 135

Big brokerage firm recommended two shares for 20% return, one price only Rs 135


new Delhi. A major brokerage firm of the country has suggested 2 special stocks to invest from the perspective of the next 3 months. The firm estimates that both these stocks can give a return of 18-20 percent in the stipulated time. The name of the firm is HDFC Securities. HDFC Securities has given buy advice on these 2 shares as part of its technical calls.

The name of one stock recommended by the brokerage house is Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd and the other name is Maharashtra Seamless Ltd.

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GSFC target and stop loss

HDFC Securities has a buy call on Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (GSFC Share) at Rs 135.50. The firm recommended it on March 11, 2022. Yesterday on Friday, this stock increased by 3.21% from the given recommended price of the firm and has given closing at Rs 139.15. HDFC Securities has said that this stock can touch the target of Rs 166 in the next 3 months. The firm has also said that if this stock goes down, then you should also put a stop loss of Rs 121.5. This stock would be giving a return of more than 19 percent on its target.

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Maharashtra Seamless target and stoploss

The share of Maharashtra Seamless Limited closed at Rs 540.55 on Friday. The firm had advised to buy it at Rs 536.60 i.e. on Thursday, 10 March. So far it has increased only by 0.89%. The firm has given a target of ₹ 650 for this and has also said that a stoploss of ₹ 485 should be run. If this stock reaches Rs 650 then it will give 20 percent return.

(Disclaimer: The stocks mentioned here are based on the advice of brokerage houses. If you wish to invest in any of these, please consult a Certified Investment Advisor first. Tech for FTCP will not be responsible for any profit or loss caused by you .)

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