Big changes are expected in Twitter with the arrival of Elon Musk, will now this social media platform be able to wash away the stains of many allegations?

Big changes are expected in Twitter with the arrival of Elon Musk, will now this social media platform be able to wash away the stains of many allegations?


new Delhi. One of the most popular social media platforms in the world, Twitter may soon see some big changes. Right now it is difficult to say what these changes will be, but since Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, the world’s richest man with a net worth of Rs 3.8 lakh crore, has become the biggest shareholder of Twitter, since then there is a lot of discussion that Musk is going to join this social network. Will bring changes in the media platform.

The change in Twitter is also believed to be fixed because Musk is joining its board. Joining the board simply means that they will be able to directly interfere in the working of the company. When Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal tweeted on Tuesday that Musk would be joining the board of directors, Musk also tweeted that he “looks forward to working closely with Parag and the board of Twitter in the coming months”. significant improvements can be made in

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Musk has given a glimpse of what kind of changes will be. Immediately after buying the shares, he asked his 80 million followers on Twitter if they wanted an edit button. Tagging his poll, Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal tweeted, “Poll results will be very important, so vote very carefully.” About three-quarters of the people have voted in favor of the edit button. Many users have been demanding the edit button in Twitter for a long time. Its founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey said two years ago that Twitter might never have an edit button.

A few days ago, Musk also conducted a poll on Twitter in which he asked whether Twitter strictly adheres to the principle of freedom of expression. In response, 70 percent of the people said ‘no’. In another poll, he asked if Twitter’s algorithm should be open source, 83% answered yes. More than 10 lakh people took part in both the polls.

Musk has been a big critic of Twitter in the past. Last month, he even said that he is seriously considering setting up a new social media platform. Then he wrote in a tweet that Twitter is like a ‘public town square’ which does not follow the principle of freedom of expression. Musk may have been a critic of Twitter, but he also uses it extensively. He has eight crore followers. No other company’s CEO has so many followers in the world.

On Friday, Musk informed the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), the regulator of the US stock market, about the purchase of Twitter’s shares. Experts agree that it would have been more difficult to create a new company and make it as popular as Twitter than Twitter. That’s why he decided to buy the shares of Twitter itself.

Musk has bought 9.2% shares in Twitter. After this he has become its largest shareholder. Twitter shares rose 30 percent in two days after Musk bought shares. There is a rule in the US that if an investor buys 5% or more shares of a company, then he has to inform the SEC. In his filing, Musk did not disclose the reason for buying Twitter shares or any further plans. After Musk, some activist investors may also buy a stake in Twitter and pressurize the company to make changes.

Its founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey’s shareholding in Twitter is only 2.3%. He suddenly resigned in November last year. In his place, Indian-origin Parag Agarwal was made the CEO, who was earlier the Chief Technology Officer in the company.

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After Parag was made CEO, Elon Musk tweeted that executives of companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Paulo Alto Networks grew up in India. He also wrote that America is getting a lot of benefit from Indian talent. But several days later, he made a new tweet, comparing Agarwal to Joseph Stalin, the leader of the former Soviet Union.

Twitter has received a lot of criticism in recent years. People of every political ideology have opposed or criticized his way of working. Some people believe that this social media platform did not take enough steps to stop misinformation. Some people also oppose its imposition of censor on someone’s thoughts. In India too, there have been allegations against him that he suspended the accounts of many leaders or activists at the behest of the government. It will be interesting to see how all this changes after Musk’s arrival.

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