Big increase in the price of milk, know how much you will now be able to buy one liter of milk


Bhopal. Now milk has acted as petrol in the fire of inflation. Sanchi Milk Co-operative Federation has made a big increase in the prices of milk. Now the cost of one liter of milk has gone up to Rs 57. If it is measured in percentage, it is a straight increase of 8%. The increased prices are effective from today, Monday. Earlier, Mother Dairy and Amul have also increased their prices.

In a statement issued by the Bhopal Milk Union on Saturday, it was said that the new rates will be applicable from the morning of March 21. However, the union had also said that customers who have made advance payment from March 16 to April 15, will have to buy milk at new prices from April 16.

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This is how the prices have increased
If you used to take a gold pack of half a liter of milk earlier, then you had to pay Rs 27, but now you will have to pay Rs 29 for this pack. Similarly, for a liter pack of milk of the same variety, earlier 53 rupees had to be paid, but from today you will have to pay 4 rupees extra, which means 57 rupees. A half liter packet of Standard Milk (Shakti) was earlier priced at Rs 25, which has now become Rs 27.

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Talking about the rate of Toned Milk (Fresh) and Double Toned Milk (Smart), now for its half liter packet, Rs 24 and 22 will have to be paid respectively. The prices of Sanchi brand milk have been implemented from today in Indore and other parts of the state as well.

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