Bloodbath in stock market: Rs 12 lakh crore of investors have been destroyed, know 2 big reasons

Bloodbath in stock market: Rs 12 lakh crore of investors have been destroyed, know 2 big reasons


New Delhi. The Indian stock market today showed its biggest decline in 10 months. Such a fall is called a bloodbath in the stock market. The Indian market gap opened on Monday and continued to fall even after that. In the same session, the Sensex (BSE Sensex Today) fell by 1747.08 points or 3%, while the Nifty (Nifty 50 Today) fell by 531.95 points or 3.06%. Such a decline had not happened in the last 10 months.

Equity investors lost Rs 8.54 lakh crore on the very first day of the week. If we talk about the last two trading days, then investors have lost Rs 12.45 lakh crore. Heavy selling was seen in all sectors on Monday. Not a single sector can succeed in closing on the green mark. The biggest decline was seen in Public Sector Banks (PSU Banks), Reality and Metal.

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Talking about the fear meter i.e. India VIX, there has been a big jump of 23% in it. The growth of India Vicks actually tells that there is a situation of fear in the market at present and people are withdrawing their money out of fear. India VIX has increased from 18.68 on Monday to 22.9775.

What is the reason behind this bloodbath

The main reason behind this bloodbath is the Ukraine Crisis. Western countries have said on the dispute between Ukraine and Russia that Russia can attack within this week. If Ukraine is attacked, there is a possibility of a huge jump in crude oil prices.

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According to a news in Economic Times, Vinod Nayyar, Head of Research, Geojit Financial Services, has said about today’s fall that due to the increasing tension between the US and Russia over Ukraine, there was a big jump in oil prices. Is. This is the reason why investors have pulled out money from the stock market in an attempt to get out of risky assets. And this decline does not seem to stop, because there is an emergency meeting of the US Fed in the next few days, in which there is a possibility of a significant increase in interest rates.

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