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Business Idea: Instead of a job, you can start this business, earning in lakhs


Business Idea : Many people leave their jobs and keep planning to start their own business. If you are also thinking of doing your own business, then we keep giving you great business ideas from time to time. The special thing about the business that we are talking about today is that its demand is very fast. Today we are telling you about the business of cardboard box making unit.

These days the demand for cardboard boxes has increased a lot. It is needed for packing every small to big item. Its biggest feature is that its demand remains constant every month. Today, wherever you go, you are in search of better packing for any item.

big money
There is also very little shadow of recession in it. It is needed the most in online business. The good thing is that this business idea gives you a chance to earn a lot of money. Every month you will easily earn 5 to 10 lakh rupees.

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what is business
Cardboard remains in high demand in the market. It is most commonly used by online stores as it is used for everything from packaging to transportation of goods. Along with this, this product is also used to transfer household goods. To make this, you will need kraft paper which is sold at Rs 40 per kg. The better quality kraft paper you use, the better quality boxes you will become.

how much space needed
You need about 5000 square feet of space for this business, you will need about 5000 square feet because in this business you also have to set up a plant. Along with this, warehouses also have to be built to keep the goods. Let us tell you that there are two types of machines in this business, first semi automatic machine and full automatic machine machines, you need very important for this business.

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If you want to start this business on a small scale, then you will have to invest less. If you take a semi automatic machine, then you will have to invest up to 20 lakhs. At the same time, up to 50 lakh rupees will be spent for a full automatic machine.

profit margin too high
There will be big earnings in the month, nowadays e-commerce company buys a lot of such boxes. In this case, it can earn a lot from it. There is a lot of profit in this business. The profit margin in this business is also very high. If you market the business in a better way and make good customers, then you can easily earn 5 to 10 lakh rupees every month by starting this business.

How much money is there for the business Now the question is how much money is needed to start this business. In such a situation, it depends on you whether you want to start it as a small business or want to start a business at a large level. If you start this business on a large scale, then you will have to invest at least 20 lakh rupees. Starting a business with a semi-automatic machine can cost up to Rs 20 lakh. At the same time, it is estimated that up to Rs 50 lakh will be spent on starting through fully automatic machines.

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