Business Idea: Start this business with government help, you will earn big money for a lifetime

Business Idea: Start this business with government help, you will earn big money for a lifetime


New Delhi. Business Idea: Today many people want to do business instead of job. Many employed people have turned to business even in the lockdown in Kovid-19. Many such people have made agriculture their means of earning. These people are earning lakhs of rupees by doing modern farming instead of traditional farming. Many such people have started cultivation of medicinal plants, spice crops and flowers etc. This business idea is now giving them a lot of profit.

The cultivation of bay leaf is also a very profitable business. If you do Bay Leaf Farming in a commercial way, then you can get huge profits in it, that too with less effort and less cost. The special thing about this farming is that it does not work on a daily basis nor does it require much manpower. Once bay leaves are planted, they give yields for many years. The government also provides subsidy for the cultivation of bay leaves. So let’s know how to start the cultivation of sharpness.

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How to start Bay leaf Farming?

You can easily start bay leaf cultivation. A bay leaf tree is planted. Plant good quality plants at a distance of 4 to 6 meters. Keep enough distance between line to line also. Keep irrigating at regular intervals. You only have to take care of the tree when the plant takes the shape of a tree. As long as the bay leaf plants are small, then you can also earn extra income by planting vegetables on the empty space lying in the middle (Intercroping Farming).

Know how much subsidy will you get?

The farmers cultivating it are given 30 percent subsidy by the National Medicinal Plants Board. You have to apply to the board for subsidy.

How much will be the profit?

Now if we talk about profits, then you can earn up to 5 thousand rupees annually from a bay leaf plant. On the other hand, if you plant 25 bay leaves, then you can earn from 75 thousand to 1 lakh 25 thousand annually. If you plant more trees then your income will also increase.

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Your income also depends on your marketing strategy. If you sell your product without any middleman then you will earn more profit.

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