Business Idea: This business related to breakfast will earn in lakhs, up to 90% loan is available

Business Idea: This business related to breakfast will earn in lakhs, up to 90% loan is available


Business Idea: At this time there is an atmosphere of turmoil in the world as well as in the country. In the midst of job and income volatility, people are looking for new income options. People are trying new ideas for their business. If business starts sitting at home, then it will be like a case of icing on the cake. Today we are telling about one such business which you can start from your home.

If the business is related to food and drink, then the chances of earning increase further. Because the customer segment also gets bigger and the market would also be available to everyone. Today we are talking about the business of making Poha for breakfast. After Corona, people have also become aware about health. Poha is considered a nutritional food. Poha is mostly eaten as breakfast. It is both easy to make and to digest.

start with low investment
This is the reason why the market of Poha is growing rapidly. In such a situation, you can start your business by setting up a Poha Manufacturing Unit. It can be started with a modest investment. This is such a business, without which people’s breakfast is incomplete. We are telling you about the unit of making Poha. This is a good business. Its demand remains the same every month.

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Loan will be available up to 90%
According to a project report of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, the cost of a Poha manufacturing unit is about Rs 2.43 lakh. In this you will get loan up to 90 percent. In such a situation, you will have to arrange around Rs 25,000 to start the business of Poha Manufacturing Unit.

how much space needed
About 500 square feet of space is required to start this business. Small items including a poha machine, furnace, packing machine and drum will be needed. It has been told in the KVIC report that at the beginning of this business, bring some raw material, then gradually increase its quantity. In this way the experience will also be good, as well as the business will also grow.

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According to KVIC, if you prepare a project report and apply for a loan under the Village Industries Employment Scheme, then you can get about 90 percent of the loan. Loan is given by KVIC every year to promote the village industry. You too can take advantage of this.

earning in millions
After starting the project, you have to take the raw material. About Rs 6 lakh will be spent on this. Apart from this, you will have to spend about 50 thousand rupees. In this way you will produce about 1000 quintals of poha. On which the cost of production will come to Rs 8.60 lakh. You can sell 1000 quintals of poha for around Rs 10 lakh. That is, you can earn around Rs 1.40 lakh.

Before selling Poha in the market, you have to get many types of licenses from the government and only after getting the license you will be able to sell them. This product is related to food, so before selling it, you have to get the license of FSSAI. Along with this, in the state where you will start your Poha factory, you will also have to get other licenses given by the government of that state.

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