Business Idea: You can earn big money every month from what you think was the waste, know how?


new Delhi. Usually, what we throw away as useless, if it is put to good use with our mind, then big money can be earned every month. Cow dung is one such product, the things made from which are earning millions every month.

Ritesh Agarwal, founder of Raipur-based organization ‘Ek Pahal’, is earning up to three lakh rupees every month by selling products made from cow dung. He has been making many products from cow dung for the last three years. The special thing is that along with earning himself, he is also giving employment to many other people.

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hence the discussion

Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel recently presented the state budget. The briefcase in which he brought the budget documents was made of cow dung. There was a lot of discussion about this bag. Ritesh’s team made this bag in 10 days. After this it came in more discussion.

Learn how the idea came about

41-year-old Ritesh, who studied from Raipur, graduated in 2003. After that he worked in many companies. The idea of ​​​​business came in Ritesh’s mind with the idea of ​​doing something for the society during the job. She used to see cows on the streets who used to get sick from eating garbage. Seeing his condition, Ritesh left his job in 2015 and built a cowshed. With this he remained associated for 3 years and during this time the idea of ​​earning from cow dung came in his mind.

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Know which products can be made

Ritesh is selling slippers, purses, bags, sculptures, lamps, bricks and paints from cow dung. The special thing is that on the occasion of Holi, he also prepared and sold eco-friendly abir and gulal from cow dung. With this, he is earning Rs 3 lakh every month and is also providing employment to 23 people.

fast growing business

The demand for Ritesh’s products has been increasing continuously. He also made many colors from cow dung and that too eco-friendly. They marketed these colors at Rs 300 per kg across the country. Today both men and women are working with him. Today he has more than 400 cows.

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