Business Idea: You can earn lakhs in a ‘green’ way, know full details


new Delhi. If you want to earn lakhs through agriculture along with job, then this business idea can prove to be better for you. Even if you do not have a farm, you can still do farming. These days the trend of cultivation of medicinal plants is increasing rapidly in the country.

Actually, the government is also encouraging the cultivation of medicinal plants to increase the income of the farmers. This has boosted the morale of the farmers. Due to this less production and more demand, the farmers doing farming are getting good income.

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big farm needed
Neither a large farm is needed nor much investment is needed for the cultivation of medicinal plant. It is not necessary to have your own farm for this type of farming. Can also be taken on contract. Many companies are cultivating it on contract. You can start this with an investment of thousands of rupees, while the earning will be in lakhs.

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These things can be cultivated
Most of the herbal plants like Stevia, Shatavari, Sarpagandha, Tulsi, Artemisia annua, Licorice, Aloe vera, Shatavari, Isabgol can be cultivated. Some of these plants can be grown in small pots. Due to its use in medicine and Ayurveda, farmers get a good price.

Earning up to 3 lakhs
Tulsi is usually associated with religious matters, but the cultivation of Tulsi with medicinal properties can earn good money. There are many types of this. It makes medicines for serious diseases like cancer. Growing basil on one hectare will cost only Rs 15,000, but after three months this crop is sold for about Rs 3 lakh.

Stevia can make big money
The best thing about stevia cultivation is that there is no need for fertilizers and pesticides. Pests do not harm its plant. Once the crop is planted, the yield is given for 5 years and the production increases every year. One lakh rupees are spent on cultivation in one acre and the earning is up to six lakh rupees.

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