Business Tips: If you want to do offline business online then take help of these 5 platforms

Business Tips: If you want to do offline business online then take help of these 5 platforms


new Delhi. If you want to have easy access to customers in a digital India, then you also have to sell your products online. In such a situation, it can be quite challenging for you to take your offline business online. To solve this, we have selected 5 such platforms that can help you take your business online.

QPay is the best option for converting brick and mortar (a shop/warehouse/office) or business into digital stores. It empowers them to manage orders, payments, delivery and marketing/promotion by moving your business to an automated platform. QPay does not charge you a high commission and does not control your data. It runs on subscription based model wherein it is absolutely free for merchants/businesses to create a store.

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Started in March 2020, Dotpay has so far covered more than 75 lakh merchants across the country. Dotpay provides all essential business solutions to retailers. This includes resources such as online stores, marketing suites, payments and integrated delivery. The company has raised $27.5 million in capital from investors such as Pay-U, Google, and Info Edge Ventures.

Shop (Dukaan)
Dukaan App helps merchants, retailers to create their own e-commerce store in just 30 seconds using a smartphone. With this, small and medium businessmen can easily start their business on the Internet. Dukaan also enables local stores to go digital and sell products on WhatsApp. The shopkeeper just needs to download the app and register his business and list the products in it. The app is ready just for online shopping.

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Shopmatic is a Singapore-based technology company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs with e-commerce. The company recently partnered with Singapore-based retail management solutions company Octopus. Shopmatic primarily caters to the needs of the retail market. That is why it can be very helpful in taking your business to retail customers.

Meesho This Indian e-commerce platform allows small businesses to sell their products through social media channels. Through this, you can start your online store with the help of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. It is the fastest growing e-commerce platform in the country, which has also raised funding from many places.

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