Buy iPhone for just Rs 10,000, there is a bang sale on Flipkart


Smartphones Sale on Flipkart: Domestic e-commerce portal Flipkart has started the sale of refurbished smartphones of all well-known brands. In this cell, you are getting a chance to buy a good phone at a very low price. In this cell, you can buy mobile phones of big brands like Apple, Samsung, Google and Redmi at very low prices.

If you have less budget and you want to buy a good smartphone for your daily needs or online class etc., then Flipkart is giving you that opportunity. Flipkart says that the refurbished smartphone has to go through 47 types of quality checks before being listed on the platform. Flipkart claims that refurbished smartphones are also in the same running condition as new phones.

Refurbished phones do not get old

The demand for refurbished smartphones has increased significantly in the last few years. In common language, it is understood that a refurbished phone is a second hand ie old phone. While this is not the case at all. Refurbished phone is the phone which is returned to the company due to some problem. Many times people buy a new phone, then there is a problem related to battery, camera or speakers. In case of such complaint, the company replaces the phone. The company fixes such phones and brings them back in the market. Such a phone is called a refurbished phone.

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Many people convert their smartphones into exchange offers, which are sold after testing by making a refurbished phone.

Flipkart is launching the refurbished phone for sale after checking it on 47 parameters. The advantage for users is that they get a chance to use expensive phones of good brands at a low cost.

keep these things in mind

Before buying a refurbished phone, definitely read the warranty policy given by the seller. Big brands like Apple and Samsung give up to one year warranty on their refurbished phones.

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If you buy Refurbished Phone online, always buy from reputed online store. While buying a refurbished phone from any website, check it thoroughly and read its review as well.

While buying a refurbished phone, definitely check the IMEI number of the phone. The IMEI number can be traced by dialing *#06#.

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