Cheap electric scooter launched with a range of 190 km, price starts from just Rs 53,000


new Delhi. Agra based electric vehicle manufacturer NIJ Automotive has launched the Accelero+ electric scooter. Prices of NIJ Automotive Accelero+ start at Rs 53,000 and go up to Rs 98,000 (all prices ex-showroom) depending on the battery pack.

The NIJ Automotive Accelero+ e scooter is offered with either a Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) or Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) battery pack. The lead-acid battery pack is available in only one variant. At the same time, the LFP battery pack is offered in three options.

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Will get a range of 190 km
1.5kW (48V), 1.5kW (60W) and a dual battery 3kW (48V). The NIJ Accelero+ gets three riding modes. Of these, in the most efficient mode, the electric scooter gives a range of 190 km in Eco mode on full charging. However, it will give a range of 120 kms in the city.

Features of Scooter
The company has launched this scooter in Imperial Red, Black Beauty, Pearl White and Gray Touch color options. The scooter also gets dual LED headlamps, LED DRLs and boomerang style LED indicators. Talking about the features of NIJ Accelero+, it gets a digital speedometer, USB charging, reverse assist and charging port.

Full charge in 3 hours
The lead-acid battery pack can be charged by plugging it into the 3A power socket. This battery gets fully charged in 6 to 8 hours. The Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery pack can be charged in 3 to 4 hours when plugged into the 6A socket. NIJ Automotive has not disclosed the power or torque figures of the single brushless DC motor that powers the e-scooter.

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Suspension and braking
The electric Accelero+ scooter gets telescopic forks at the front and dual shock absorbers at the rear for suspension. For braking, 180 mm disc has been given in the front and drum brakes are available in the rear.

Scooter can lift 150 kg
The NIJ Accelero+ measures 1,720 mm in length, 690 mm in width and 1,100 mm in height. The wheelbase of the electric scooter is 1,280 mm and the ground clearance is 175 mm. The weight of this electric scooter is 86 kg and it can lift a maximum load of 150 kg. The maximum climb that the Accelero+ can climb is 12 degrees.

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