Circle Rate in Delhi: What will be your loss due to increase in circle rate in Delhi?

Circle Rate in Delhi: What will be your loss due to increase in circle rate in Delhi?


new Delhi. The Delhi Government is going to give a big blow to the people who are willing to buy property in Delhi. There is talk of increasing the circle rates of residential, commercial and industrial and other properties from the Delhi government. Even before this announcement of the Kejriwal government, the opposition parties have started politics. The Congress party says that the move to increase the circle rate by the Kejriwal government will worsen the economic balance in the capital, while the public is already facing a crisis due to the Kovid epidemic crisis.

Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee President Ch. Anil Kumar said that Arvind Kejriwal’s plan to increase the circle rate by the Delhi government by 30 percent will affect the cost of buying and selling of houses and other properties in most of the residential areas of Delhi. The Congress party opposes Kejriwal’s decision to increase the circle rate against the people of Delhi. While the Delhi government has stopped the development of Delhi by implementing anti-people policies following the central government, the livelihood of Delhiites has been completely affected for the last 2 years due to rising unemployment, inflation and economic slowdown due to the Kovid epidemic.

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Will there be a heavy burden of 50 per cent on Delhiites?

What will be your loss due to increase in circle rate
Kumar expressed surprise that till now there was a discount of 20 percent on the registry, now after increasing the circle rate by 30 percent, the government is also preparing to abolish the discount of 20 percent on the registry, due to which there is a huge burden of 50 percent on Delhiites. Will have. Now it will be difficult to buy a house in the capital. The Delhi government of the Aam Aadmi Party had started preparations in 2018 itself to change the circle rate on agricultural land.

When did you first grow?
Let us inform that in 2014, the Kejriwal government had changed the circle rate of residential, commercial, industrial land and immovable properties. Opposition parties say that after the decision of the government, people will look towards agreement to sale or power of attorney instead of registry. After the change in circle rate, all 8 categories of A-H properties classified according to the municipality will be affected.

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However, the Kejriwal government argues that in order to reduce the difference between the market rate and the circle rate of the property in Delhi, now a proposal has been made to increase the circle rate. It is likely that after the approval of the cabinet, it will be sent to the LG. Although, the change in the circle rate is not yet decided, but an increase of up to 30 percent is being estimated in the rates.

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