CNG prices increased after petrol and diesel, know the prices of your city immediately


new Delhi. Since the end of the assembly elections of five states, there was a possibility of a rise in the prices of petroleum products. This apprehension has now become completely true. After the increase in the prices of petrol-diesel and gas cylinders, now the prices of CNG and PNG have been increased. Due to this, consumers have suffered the third blow of inflation one after the other.

an increase of Re 1 per kg
Indraprastha Gas Ltd., a gas supply company in Delhi-NCR, has announced to increase the price of CNG by Re 1 per kg and PNG by Re 1 per unit. The new rate has become effective from Thursday itself. CNG has now become Rs 59.01 per kg in the country’s capital Delhi. After the latest increase in the price of CNG, now there is every possibility of increasing the auto, taxi and bus fares. That is, there is bound to be a burden on your pocket in any case. CNG prices have also increased in other cities of the country. What is the new price of CNG in your city, know here-

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new price of cng
Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad – Rs 61.58 per kg
Gurugram (Gurgaon) – Rs 67.37 per kg
Muzaffarnagar, Meerut, Shamli – Rs 66.26 per kg
Kaithal and Karnal – Rs 67.68 per kg
Rewari – Rs 69.48 per kg
Kanpur, Fatehpur, Hamirpur – Rs 70.82 per kg
Ajmer, Rajsamand, Pali – Rs 69.31 per kg

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Petrol-diesel, gas cylinders have already become expensive
Earlier on Tuesday and Wednesday, the oil companies had increased the prices of petrol and diesel by 80-80 paise per liter. CNG-PNG prices increased on Thursday. On Tuesday itself, the prices of LPG cylinders were also increased by Rs 50 per cylinder.

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