Composite Cylinder: Smart Cylinder of Smart Kitchen will alert if gas is stolen

Composite Cylinder: Smart Cylinder of Smart Kitchen will alert if gas is stolen


Indene Composite Cylinder: On the one hand, rising inflation has spoiled the taste of the kitchen, while the decreasing gas from the gas cylinder turns off the mood of the people. No matter how careful you are, still some delivery men cheat you by giving you a cylinder with less gas. But now there will be no tension of gas theft. Such a gas cylinder has been launched in the market, from which if someone steals gas, then the user will know immediately.

We are talking about Composite Cylinder. Indian Oil Corporation’s (IOC) gas company Indane has introduced composite gas cylinders in the market. It is also called Smart Cylinder of Smart Kitchen. Talking about its smartness, with a composite cylinder, you will not have to face the problem of sudden cylinder exhaust. Because, the specialty of Indane Composite Cylinder is that you will know how much gas is left and how much has been spent. Due to this specialty, even if the gas was stolen, it would be known.

Composite cylinder can be taken instead of old cylinder
If you want, you can take a composite cylinder instead of your normal cylinder. You will have to give your ordinary LPG cylinder and in return the connection of the composite cylinder will be issued in your name. However, for this you will have to deposit some additional security money.

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The composite cylinder is available in 5 and 10 kg. Security for 5 kg cylinder is Rs 2150. For a 10 kg cylinder, you will have to deposit Rs 3350 as security.

Composite cylinders are delivered like normal cylinders. A 10 kg composite cylinder can be filled for Rs 634. This cylinder is only for the domestic non-subsidized category. 5 kg composite cylinder is available without subsidy.

Features of Composite Cylinder
Indane composite cylinder is much lighter than ordinary cylinder. Their weight is about half that of an iron cylinder. Some part of cylinder is transparent. The cylinder is made of a blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) inner liner, which is covered with a layer of polymer-wrapped fiberglass. It is fitted with an HDPE outer jacket. Therefore, the composite cylinder does not rust and does not leave any mark on the floor.

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