Cyber ​​Crime is increasing, so now it has become necessary to have cyber insurance too, if it is not done then get it done soon.

Cyber ​​Crime is increasing, so now it has become necessary to have cyber insurance too, if it is not done then get it done soon.


New Delhi. The trend of digital transactions and social media has increased rapidly in the country. This has also increased the risk of leakage of financial and personal information and financial fraud. Every day we keep hearing about this type of fraud. Cyber ​​Insurance helps you a lot in preventing this type of cyber crime. In view of the increasing cyber crime, cyber insurance policy has become very important today. In such a policy, the policy holder is given cover against various types of cyber crimes and frauds.

If someone grabs your blood and sweat earnings online or makes online purchases fraudulently from your bank account, credit / debit card or your e-wallet, then the insurance company will compensate it. Is. If someone steals your money by making a victim of phishing and email spoofing, then the insurance company also compensates you for the loss caused by this cybercrime.

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Many insurance companies in the country do cyber insurance. Bajaj Allianz Company does cyber insurance ranging from one lakh rupees to one crore rupees. The company’s one year insurance starts with a monthly premium of less than 700. Similarly, HDFC Ergo also gives cyber insurance.

Keep these things in mind while getting cyber insurance

While taking cyber insurance, the plan being given by the company should be well understood. You should know what is covered in the policy. Generally, cyber insurance policies provide protection against 10 to 15 types of cyber threats.

limit as needed

Considering how important your cyber security is to you, the limit of insurance cover should be chosen. If you do a lot of online transactions then you will need a higher limit. Insurance companies offer coverage ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 crore.

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Don’t fall for low premiums

Many companies impose terms of deductible. In this, the policyholder has to compensate for the loss himself and after that the insurance companies pay. Many companies have lower premiums, but higher deductibles. Experts say that even if you have to pay a higher premium, the deductible should be kept low.

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